O S S O R I O    F O U N D A T I O N


The Ossorio Foundation is committed to increasing awareness and appreciation of the work of Alfonso Ossorio. To that end, the Foundation works to to place his art with museums, colleges and universities, collectors and companies in the US and abroad. Since 2003, the Ossorio Foundation has placed over 100 works of art in ten locations. Among the most notable was the donation of the artist's papers housed at the Foundation, as well of those of his life partner, Edward Dragon, to the Harvard Art Museum Archives. Wrote lead archivist Susan Von Salis, "We're so grateful to the Foundation for the gift of the papers; it is one of our most-used collections, from a wide variety of researchers."

Today the Foundation remains dedicated to providing greater public access to the life and art of Alfonso Ossorio.

With its collection of nearly 500 works on paper, oils, and assemblages, the Foundation arranges for gift, sale and lease agreements for placement worldwide. Every year it accepts applications from non-profits, private and corporate entities to view the collection. If accepted, the applicant is invited to Southampton, New York, to view the collection and a board representative will help to select works based on the depth of interest in the artist's life work.

Until further notice, the Foundation is no longer fulfilling requests for 2016 applications for gift, sale or lease agreements.