O S S O R I O    F O U N D A T I O N


It was Alfonso Ossorio's dream to preserve his artwork and conifer arboretum which was hailed by experts as the eighth wonder of the horticultural world. When he died at the age of 74 he also left behind a remarkable legacy of diaries, photographs, letters and other historic materials documenting a lifetime of artistic and cultural activity. Unable to keep Ossorio’s home and studio at The Creeks in East Hampton, his heir and life partner, Edward F. Dragon, settled on a commercial warehouse in neighboring Southampton as the location to begin the preservation of Ossorio’s legacy.

The warehouse was retrofitted as a lofty gallery space where visitors could come to experience the depth of Ossorio's lifetime of work. In 2002, the foundation focused on broadening national awareness of Ossorio's work by actively gifting to museums and other public institutions. And, to encourage greater and easier access for scholarly efforts, the foundation donated the remarkable collection of Ossorio and Dragon papers to the Harvard Art Museums Archives where it has been noted that it is one of the most-used collections from a wide variety of researchers.

The foundation has an ongoing a capital campaign to bring Ossorio and Dragon back home to East Hampton. The new foundation, customized to house the permanent collection, is envisioned to feature, finally, an arboretum setting befitting Ossorio’s aesthetic arrangement of trees and sculpture. It will serve as a new cultural destination for the region, joining other iconic artist foundations and cultural centers in the East End. An arts study center is planned as well which will partner the Ossorio Foundation with a major art teaching museum from an institution of higher learning.

Please contact the foundation for more information about how you can help make Alfonso Ossorio's dream a reality for art lovers everywhere.